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About This Video: Crazy Horse/Black Hills was shot from a Robinson R44 helicopter using the IGO Indiemount. The flight was conducted between 1-3pm so the "Hills" offered their air currents for time of day making capture a slight challenge. All in all enough good footage was captured to allow for nice length clips of the breathtaking monuments and topography of the Black Hills.

HD Aerial Video: One of the most exciting services we offer is 1080p HD aerial video capture. In addition to our still photography, HD aerial video is one of the most powerful tools to captivate your clients or audience. With HD aerial video, you can have a living vivid view of any subject!

Aerial Platforms: We utilize but are not limited to our Cessna 172 airplane and Robinson R44 helicopters. Fixed wing aircraft can be more economical than a helicopter, however, they are more vulnerable to thermal weather upset. The ideal flight condition for optimum capture is smooth or fairly smooth air. A helicopter offers a major advantage as there is more leeway for windier conditions, albeit within reason, and we can get much lower and closer to a subject for even greater detail and dramatic effect such as forward flight just above tree top level.

Multi Axis Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount: All our HD video is captured via a special gyro stabilized camera mount of our own design & manufacture, the "IGO Indiemount"(US Patent). At the heart of the IGO Indiemount is a true precision machined gimbal unit comprised of 6 sealed precision bearings. These sealed bearings allow for effortless, extremely smooth movement about the 4 axis, pitch, yaw, roll, & "twist". It is the "twist axis" which gives the precision gimbal unit superior vibration resistance. This superior gimbal unit currently incorporates KS-8 type Kenyon gyros. Via the gyro manufacturer's recommendations it is suspended by elastic cord allowing the gyros to operate freely providing rigidity in space while eliminating operator fatigue otherwise caused by having to hand hold the heavy gyros for a sustained period.

Cameras: In joining the DSLR HD video revolution we use the Canon EOS 5D MkII DSLR for our 1080p HD video capture. This camera allows for wildly vivid capture, detail that you can almost reach out and touch! The multitude of lenses available provide for virtually limitless artistic freedom. Of course we are not limited to this type of camera, we can shoot with whatever gear a project requires or that is preferred.

Packages: Whether you are looking for stock, raw or post processed turn key productions we will be happy to discuss your needs to ensure your project is a success. 262.441.9001 or via e-mail at

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