Hangar Sortie Series, A look under the skin"

Hangar Sortie #6: This P-51D named "Big Beautiful Doll" is painted in honor of Col. John D. Landers. Landers flew with the 38th FS - 55th FG, 357th FG, and 78th FG in the European Theatre of Ops. Enemy aircraft destroyed: Aerial combat: 8.5, Strafing:20 and 6 previously destroyed in the Pacific Theatre of Ops.  (Size: 16x20 photo or canvas print, Options: 24x34 HS6X photo or canvas print, 24x36 cockpit photo, canvas, litho)

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HS6X HUGE size! 24x34 print or print laminated to 1/4" foamcore ready  for display or framing. Also available as a stunning gallery wrap canvas print!

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