Hangar Sortie Series, A look under the skin"

Set against dramatic skies, and with vivid detail, these cockpit images will surely awaken the pilot within with a desire to fly the mission! Climb inside the cockpit of the nearly bullet proof P-47D Thunderbolt "Hairless Joe" with it's supercharged Double Wasp R2800, eight .50 cals and gun 'em down in "Dog Fight Dawn". The mighty supercharged V12 Merlin in P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll" awaits your command in "Five Minutes To Crimson Sky". Push the throttles forward to awaken the supercharged Allison V12's of the legendary P-38F Lightning "Glacier Girl" in "Mission Into Night" and let your mind take flight. (available as 24x36 litho poster, photo or canvas print).

P-47D Cockpit

P-47D "Hairless Joe" "Dogfight Dawn"


P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll"  "Five Minutes To Crimson Sky"


P-38F Lightning 'Glacier Girl"  "Mission Into Night"


P-51 night cockpit

P-51D "Hurry Home Honey"
 "Night Flight"

Classic airframe with newer avionics.

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